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Congratulations to Dr. Mike Funk
for being selected as a 2014
"Best Veterinarian on Long Island!"
Terry Animal Hospital
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Terry Animal Hospital has tradition dating back 3 generations.

     Dr. Paul Perrier has been the owner of Terry Animal Hospital for 24 year (3/2014). Not only is he our head surgeon & veterinarian, but his proactive spirit also maintains the hospital. You can find him anywhere from heading up the everyday affairs of the hospital to keeping with grounds maintenance.

     Please take a moment to read the History of TAH. It is something of which we are very proud.
P: (516) 764-2880     F: (516) 764-5511

     Our hospital is always moving forward! The entire waiting room (including reception / front desk) has been remodeled. This includes new benches, floors, ceiling, guest restroom, & even a walk-on scale that makes it convenient for everyone looking to check the weight of a very large dog!
     In addition, our surgery suite has been completely remodeled & includes state-of-the-art equipment for our surgery patients. We make use of monitoring equipment such as (but not limited to) capnography, electrocautery, & pulse-oximetry. We also use the newest patient-warming apparatus effectively maintaining the core temperature of our surgical patients.

     A new 4th examination room has been added to keep appointments flowing efficiently. This new examination room is brightly lit & very modern in appearance. It is lined with stainless-steel cabinets & drawers from wall to wall. In this room, there is a stainless-steel examination table with motorized controls to raise & lower the table (for those very large patients).
     Additional equipment also includes a state-of-the art dental suite,examination tables with motorized lift operation & ophthalmic corneal bur (used for debridement of indolent corneal ulcers).
     We have upgraded our x-rays  & "gone digital." The technology of digital x-ray (computed radiography) produces higher-quality images that we can send electronically or copy onto CDs. It increases time efficiency as well as eliminates exposure to older processing chemicals.

     This is Dr. Funk's second edition of TerryAnimalHospital.com. The first edition ran from it's creation in 2010 to the middle of 2013. Your patience is appreciated as some aspects of the website are in the final stages of fine tuning!
     Don't forget to find us on Facebook for frequent updates, pictures, and important news.

     Our landscaping has been designed and maintained by Dr. Perrier. We look forward to beautiful foliage every time the weather begins to warm up again!
     The hospital was repainted & the entrance-way remodeled in 2011.
     Our new walk-in bathing tub allows older dogs and those dogs who have difficulty using stairs, to get into the tub for their bath. The steps can convert to a ramp to make walking into the tub easier and hassle-free.